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منشور 2020

The acromiohumeral distance in the MRI should not be used as a decision criterion to assess subacromial space width in shoulders with an intact rotator cuf
Hufeland, M, Brusis, C, Kubo, H, Grassmann, J, Latz, D, Patzer T,

منشور 2019

Biceps tenodesis versus tenotomy in isolated LHB lesions: a prospective randomized clinical trial
Hufeland M, Wicke, S, Verde PE, Krauspe, R, Patzer T.

منشور 2018

Prevalence of Propionibacterium acnes in the glenohumeral compared with the subacromial space in primary shoulder arthroscopies
Patzer T, Petersdorf S, Krauspe R, Verde PE, Henrich B, Hufeland M.

منشور 2011

The influence of superior labrum anterior to posterior (SLAP) repair on restoring baseline glenohumeral translation and increased biceps loading after simulated SLAP tear and the effectivene
Patzer T, Habermeyer P, Hurschler C, Bobrowitsch E, Wellmann M, Kircher J, Schofer MD.

منشور 2011

Biomechanical comparison of arthroscopically performable techniques for suprapectoral biceps tenodesis
Patzer T, Rundic JM, Bobrowitsch E, Olender GD, Hurschler C, Schofer MD.