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منشور 2017

Substance abuse in patients with bipolar disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Messer T, Lammers G, Müller-Siecheneder F, Schmidt RF, Latifi S

منشور 2001

Intracranial collateral pathways assessed by contrast enhanced 3D-transcranial color-coded sonography
Klötzsch C, Lammers G, Wessels T, Bozzato A

منشور 1999

Assesment of intracranial aneurysms using 3D-transcranial color-coded sonography
Klötzsch C, Bozzato A, Lammers G, Noth J

منشور 1996

Recurrent strokes in patients with cryptogenic stroke and a proven foramen ovale
Klötzsch C, Popescu O, Lammers G, Berlit P

منشور 1995

Paradoxical embolism is the most frequent cause of juvenile stroke
Klötzsch C, Lammers G, Berlit P